Why am I here?

I drafted this post earlier, but am going to make some changes. It was very much a ‘woe is me’ one, as I had had another bad night*. Apart from being repetitive, I doubt it would’ve been very interesting. However, the question remains the same: well, I should amend it to say, “Why blog?” There…

Why be a Disney Princess?

Anyone out shopping for presents for girls lately would probably have noticed the addition to all the branded (Wiggles, Hi-5, Dora etc) toys and clothes. It’s the Disney Princesses, six of the major fairy tale heroines grouped together to sell anything from Manchester to undies. This is clever; they’re like the Spice Girls of animation….

There’s an intruder in the room…and it’s me, apparently

We’re watching Play School. Keira keeps pointing to the screen and saying, “mummy, mummy!” Me: “Is that a mummy?” Justine is on the screen, good ole’ Justine. Keira: “Play school mummy?” “Her name’s Justine, Keira.” “No, my mummy” “Justine’s your mummy?” “Yeah” “No, I’m your mummy” “No, I want her!” Well, isn’t that just dandy?