Living List

This is my version of a ‘bucket list’, but I prefer to call it a ‘living list’ because it focuses on the present and the ‘living’ – not what comes with the bucket-kicking part at the end.

Living List Mosaic

Visit Machu Pichu, Peru ~ Explore Hong Kong ~ Visit Petra, Jordan ~ Swim in the Dead Sea, Jordan ~ Climb Table Mountain, South Africa ~ Visit Patagonia, Argentina~ Walk Kungsleden, Sweden ~ Walk the Coast to Coast walk, UK ~ Walk the Camino de Santiago, France/Spain ~ Visit Lake Geneva, Switzerland ~ Visit Loch Ness, Scotland ~ Visit Blue Lagoon, Iceland ~ Visit Aokigahara, Japan ~ See Uluru, Australia at sunset ~ Explore Paris ~ Explore Rome ~ Explore New York ~ Visit the Sagrada Família, Barcelona ~ Visit the Taj Mahal, India ~ Explore Egypt ~ Visit Whitby Abbey, England ~ Take a Jack the Ripper tour in East London ~ Go on a bike riding holiday ~ Road trip across Australia ~ Road trip across America (Atlantic-Pacific / West Coast / East Coast) ~ Visit the Grand Canyon ~ Visit Gallipoli, Turkey ~ Walk the Kokoda Track, PNG ~ Visit Anne Frank’s house, Netherlands ~ Visit the Berlin Wall, Germany ~ ~ Go to BlogHer ~ Cook 1 new recipe a week for a year ~ Complete a First Aid course ~ Dance a jive again ~ Hold a snake ~ Go to the ballet ~ Go hang gliding ~ Go on a hot air balloon ride ~ Go scuba diving with sharks ~ Play the piano well ~ Learn to take good photos ~ Go on a ghost tour ~ Write a book (or twenty) ~ Publish a book (or twenty) ~ Complete a full length screenplay ~ To one day own a house with a library and a comfy writing space ~ Run a full marathon ~ Provide money for a study scholarship ~ Invest in art ~ Go abseiling ~ Stand up on a surfboard ~ Ride a horse at a full gallop againGo without television or computers for a week (at least) ~ Throw a ‘Great Gatsby’ themed party ~ Drink a martini ~ Get a PhD ~ Be an advocate for literacy and reading ~ Write open letters of thanks to people who have influenced my life ~ Re-learn to change a car tyre ~ Dress up big-time for Halloween ~ Go to a ‘sing-along’ screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show ~ Live overseas for six months ~ Walk over hot coals ~ Do a drawing course ~ Have a beach bonfire ~ Go to a cricket match ~ Make a rainbow cake ~ Finish War and Peace ~ Read all of Shakespeare’s plays ~ Explore New Zealand ~ Go to a drive-in movie ~ Visit Snoqualmie, Washington ~ Visit MONA, Tasmania ~ Try Bikram Yoga ~ Experience a white Christmas ~ Run a Spartan Race ~ Compete in a Sprint Triathlon ~ Order a Freakshake (and try to finish it!) ~ Spend a week on a tropical island ~ See an active volcano up close ~ Get a literary tattoo ~ Forty days of cake #40daysofcake

These fabulous places assisted me with making this Living List a reality:


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budget rent a car
melbourne aquarium