beef stew

Beef stew in Ho Chi Minh City

Normally I write a travel post full of written content and the quick video I pop together is there to supplement the material, not making much of a difference if you watch it or not (though of course, I’d never say no to the views!). Today’s case is slightly different in that the video is the more important part. Food visuals are important, and I’m not very descriptive – or patient – to talk about food too much!

I want to give a couple of shout outs to some restaurants in Hanoi.

Hanoi Garden – The only place where the meal portions outmatched us and we couldn’t eat everything.
Jalus Vegan Kitchen – A great vegan option.
Cinnamon Restaraunt – Literally across the road from our hotel and one of only two places we ate at twice. (The other was an American diner because the kids ‘needed a break from Vietnamese food’.) The service was impeccable, the air conditioning cool. The egg coffee you see below was from there.

egg coffee

Egg coffee

Oh, I shall miss the food.

What’s your favourite Vietnamese dish?

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