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It’s October?! How did that happen already?

November is when I typically run My Creative Process and this year is no different. So it’s my pleasure to say that registrations for next month are open! A condensed version of the course outline can be found below. Please note that the course has been altered slightly: the content remains the same, but what I’ve trimmed means I’ve been able to pass on these savings in the enrollment price. And if you get in early, you’ll save an extra $40!

Enrol here. The special offer code: EARLYBIRD

Key Features

My Creative Process is a month-long intensive course that will deliver the basics for writing and storytelling. Full of notes, exercises and tips, students will be encouraged to engage with their creativity. They will also get to have a piece of their work (up to 3000 words) assessed. This 250-word feedback, along with gained knowledge, will assist the student for future creative endeavours.

Inspiration + Application + Action = Results

Course Benefits

During the four weeks you will:

  • Discover the importance of your subconscious.
  • Find that once you give yourself permission to create, you are freed from constraint and fear.
  • Learn the primary elements of storytelling and composition.
  • Get an understanding of the publishing process and get tips and tools for getting published.
  • Build upon skills that students often don’t even realise they have!
  • Receive an assessment that will give suggestions and encouragement for your writing and where you can improve.
  • Discover your own personal strengths and likes.
  • Best of all – CREATE NEW WORK!

Testimonials and Experience

“We can always count on Karen to work with our creative photographers on the creation of quality eBooks for Digital Photography School. She works alongside creative talent to provide structure, extract ideas and instructions to deliver excellent results.” Jasmin Tragas, General Manager, Digital Photography School.

“Karen has played a pivotal role in Melbourne’s literary industry for many years.” Lisa Dempster, CEO/Festival Director, Melbourne Writers Festival

Among the list of Karen’s professional experience includes:

* Commissioning Editor
* Structural Editor
* Copy Editor
* Author/Writer
* Arts Programmer & Consultant
* Speaker/Teacher
* Mentor
* Publisher


For a more detailed guide, click over to the website. Don’t forget the discount code!




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