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The Creative Life Podcast Episode Nine

This episode is the sequel to last week, episode eight, which talked about what has changed in blogging. And if you are listening to this episode on the day of release, August 18th 2016, it is 10 years to the day since I created a Blogspot account and dashed off a quick introductory post, which included a photograph of my (then) two-year-old daughter. And here it is.

Over 2,200 posts, more than 10 thousand comments and almost 1 million Akismet-captured spam comments later, I’ve deliberately timed this episode to happen on this day to talk about what hasn’t changed in that time. Basically, why I still love it. A glass of bubbles will be consumed at some point to toast the occasion, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy the episode. If you did, I would love it if you considered pledging to my crowdfunding project.

  1. People still seek connection.

  2. It’s a powerful way to broadcast your message.

  3. It’s scalable – so long as you have the resources to sustain growth.

  4. Opportunities are available.

  5. It’s enjoyable.

  6. It’s challenging.

  7. Consistency matters.

  8. Writing authentically makes connections.

  9. It can take over your life (if you let it).

  10. It’s exciting.


TEN YEARS!!!!!! Fistbump!

Epic Egyptian fistbump at the British Museum.


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