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Today is the day! After months of planning, I’m delighted to officially launch my first crowdfunding campaign for my next book! I thought this would be the perfect week to do so, given this is the week of my 10th anniversary of blogging. Can’t wait to read more? Click here to pledge right away!

What is this new book?

It is called On the Many Shapes Bodies Will Take and is a poetry collection. It will be a companion title to my last book Crying in the Car: Reflections on Life and Motherhood as it explores similar themes.

Why crowdfunding – and why now?

I thought the significance of this anniversary would be a fitting chance to do something big. And it is big – asking for support is a daunting prospect. It raises a lot of questions and isn’t without risk. On the other hand, it’s a chance to gauge reader/audience reaction and provide some interesting information.

But I’ll keep it simple: I’ve rarely asked for anything in 10 years. The books I’ve produced, the courses… they were additional to the free content I’ve put here – and now on The Creative Life podcast. If nothing else, your support for this project would signify to me that that effort has been of service.

What is crowdfunding?

In simple terms, crowdfunding is a way of getting the general public to support a project by pledging money. In this instance, I’ve set up the project as a means for people to pre-order the book. However, I’m also looking beyond the short-term. If the project goes beyond its minimum threshold, additional money will go towards paying writers to contribute to my next book. To aid this goal, I’ve included lots of different reward packages, starting from $5.

Quick note: on Pozible, you will not be charged for your pledge until the project has concluded – and only then if the project achieves its goal.

How you can help

By pledging, of course!

Beyond that (and I realise not everyone is a monetary position to support), I would love it if you could help spread awareness. This can be done in a variety of ways.


Social Media

Share, share, share! Share this post or, more importantly, the pledge page itself. Use the full URL or its shortened version: bit.ly/poziblemp

The hashtag is #poziblemp


Email this post URL or the campaign page URL to people you think would be interested.

Guest Posting

If you are a blogger or content creator and you think my story or the project concept (or both) would suit your audience, then let me know! I could write about it for you.


I am going to assume the project is successful (positive vibes!). I will arrange for all rewards to be sent to patrons in release month (March 2017), so you’ll be the first to get it in your wonderful hands.

Tell the bookshops and libraries and journalists and literary festival programmers… basically, everyone.

Spread the word! I’d be more than happy to talk to everyone above!

Bibliographic details:
On the Many Shapes Bodies Will Take by Karen Andrews
Publisher: Miscellaneous Press
RRP: $19.99
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9953506-0-1
Distributor: Dennis Jones & Associates

View the media release here.

More about World Vision Australia

I am a World Vision Blog Ambassador. This means I have access to information about their humanitarian efforts and projects and I do what I can to support these. Each eligible pledge that results in a copy of Surprise! to be donated to World Vision Australia will be distributed to Indigenous early childhood programs in Australia.

Watch the Video!

More information can be found over at Pozible.

Thank you for your support. The campaign will conclude on September 16.

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