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The Creative Life Podcast Episode Eight

August is a HUGE month – it’s the 10-year anniversary of my blogging! This week’s podcast is the first on this theme and I talk about what has changed in blogging over the years. I took it as a chance to reminisce and celebrate. Those bloggers who have been around as long as I have (or longer) will be able to recognise a few of these points and bloggers who came later, well, you missed out on some good times (even if they weren’t as tech-friendly!).

What has changed in ten years of blogging?

  1. The technology has improved.

  2. It is more accepted.

  3. It’s less confessional.

  4. Expectations are (generally) higher.

  5. Types of engagement differ.

  6. The bloggers themselves!

  7. The personal impact the blog has had on me.

  8. A blog may not be the centre of a content strategy.

  9. Brands engage with bloggers differently.

  10. The written word isn’t as important as it used to be.


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Karen Andrews

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