starry sky

Today’s post is going to be a test (and, hopefully, demonstrate) why I started this ‘Friday Celebrations’ year-long series. The simple truth: I don’t really want to be here. It’s the seventh anniversary of my father’s passing. The psychic grief wound is open, bringing familiar pained and sad feelings to the surface.

But as I was just typing those words, ‘Teardrop’ shuffled up next in my music playlist:

Love, love is a verb
Love is a doing word

And so, that is what I’ll try to do today. Even though it started badly; I fought with Keira over something that, in retrospect, wasn’t worth the effort. I’ll avoid the internet and emails. Focus on micro tasks, the sort of things that ordinarily fill me with intense boredom. Distractions are normally cast in a negative light, these procrastinations from larger, more important goals.

But what is ‘large’ and what is ‘small’? Who are we to even judge? There are days when we know better than to try.

February 19th is one of those days.

Karen Andrews

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