The one thing I don’t think I will ever take for granted is the internet’s ability to bring new things to my attention. This is why it is so important for micro-businesses and startups – they also rely on this potential in order to grow locally and, even, internationally. I’ve seen (and experienced) firsthand the benefits of reaching these new audiences and so I’m happy to help spread the word for other sites that are doing the same thing.

An example of Pitchi, a showcase selling space for new products. They asked me to take a look (easy to do – the site is lovely) to see what I liked. I found two products that immediately solved problems I’ve had in the past. You know a business idea is sound when that happens!



I carry a water bottle around with me everywhere. I have to drink a couple of litres of water a day for health reasons (my kidneys) and this is fine when I’m sitting at the kitchen table writing all day, but if I have to go to a meeting or ride the train into the city, sticking a 600ml (usual size) into my handbag isn’t always convenient, or a very fashionable look. Plus, it gets out-of-shape, which probably doesn’t do much for the life of the handbag itself.

This is why when I saw the Memobottle, I thought “Brilliant!”

A reusable slim bottle that slides in your bag! And it looks cool! And is BPA free! (That’s another thing – I might reuse those mineral water bottles you buy at the service station or supermarket, but as I’m learning more about them I’ve learned that they’re not BPA free when before I assumed they were.) There are two sizes: A5 (750ml) and A6 (375ml). And it can go in the dishwasher. It’s an Aussie brand… I could go on. Check it out.

Sunny Jim Sunshade

sunny jim sunshade

Sunshades at the beach have been around for a long time. They’re terrific and I’ve always used one when possible – which is, let’s face it, almost every time we go to the beach because of my fair skin. But when the kids were toddlers, I found there was an issue whenever we set up a traditional ‘dome’: the walls prohibited my watching the kids if they weren’t directly in front of the tent. And kids being kids, they were always running off somewhere in excitement. So I would sit in the doorway to watch them, thus letting the rest of the space go to waste and still getting sun exposed because my legs were out in the open!

What I like about this sunshade is that you still get the protection (with the highest UV rating on the market) with the unaffected field of vision. And you get to carry it around in a fashionable yoga tote bag. Another terrific Aussie idea!

Check out the website for more great products – support innovation and creativity!

This post was sponsored by Pitchi.

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