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We were in Dubai when news of the first devastating earthquake in Nepal started to hit the television. I mentioned this over on my Facebook page, but I remember sitting there at breakfast at our five-star, sipping my coffee and nibbling on a danish pastry, watching BBC World, feeling out-of-place, helpless, even guilty.

I am a World Vision Australia Blog Ambassador and so receive regular updates on relief efforts that are put into action after similar disasters. The numbers, in this case, were high, and very worrying.

Sadly, as you might have heard, Nepal has been shaken again this week by another earthquake, killing more people and surely making an already precarious zone harder to manage and help.

Here are some World Vision statistics from before the most recent quake:

·         The latest figures report 8,046 fatalities with 17,866 injured. The total population affected is 8.1 million people in 39 districts. Over 2 million of those people live in the 11 most affected districts.

·         According to the ministry of home affairs, 288,798 houses have been completely destroyed and 254,112 are partially destroyed.

·         To date WV has distributed 3,919 tarps, 4,644 roofing sheets, 2,500 blankets and food items for 7674 families being distributed; as well as 11 Child-Friendly Spaces established.

·         In very welcomed news, 7 aircraft carrying WV relief materials have now landed, bring further items in-country including 3,318 tarps, 8,240 blankets, 1,143 kitchen sets, 20,900 mosquito nets, 640 hygiene kits, 598 tents and 650 shelter toolkits. 7,000 blankets from India have also arrived overland.


If you’re left wondering what you might be able to do after reading that, I’ve come up with the above idea: $2 from every book sale I make between now and the 30th June will go towards a total donation to the #nepalearthquake.

Here is a link to the shop. Books are discounted at the moment, so you’re in for a double benefit: savings + doing good.

If you would prefer to donate straight to the World Vision website, that’s certainly an option: here’s a link to their appeal page, where you will learn more about what’s being done.


Thank you so much. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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