Profits Promise

In 2008 I began a personal initiative called a ‘Profits Promise’. My blogging had put me in a place where I could pass help and awareness along to charities that I supported and felt were worthy of a further spotlight. I believed (still do) that doing something is better than nothing. This page kept a record of what charities I supported over the years, and you can find them below.

However, I’ve come to want to change how I approach this aspect of the blog. In part, this is to do with my ‘Living List’ – one of the goals on this list is this:

Provide money for a study scholarship

So, instead of choosing a charity every year, this money will now be channeled into one main savings fund. I still believe I can – and will – make a difference. It might take longer, the rewards off in the distance. But I think it will be worth it. Don’t you?


Proudly supporting in 2012

I’ve been graced with the good health of both of my children; unluckily, there are other families out there who cannot say the same. The Starlight Children’s Foundation grants wishes for sick children – what a simple, beautiful and compassionate thing to do.

Proudly supporting in 2011

This year has seen some monumental damage caused by flooding in Queensland and earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. Living in the area that was affected by the Black Saturday bushfires, I am still seeing the long-term repercussions from that event, people struggling to cope and carry on, and I’m sure these other places will be suffering similarly. Couple that with my own personal history with anxiety, this is a subject close to my heart.

Proudly supporting in 2010

Australian Red Cross

The reason being is because I witnessed first-hand the good they did in my local community during the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. This comes on top of their work with Indigenous and International communities in need.

Proudly Supporting in 2009


Back in October, my father was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease in the US) and I’ve made no secret here that the changes that have occurred to his health over the past few months have been dramatic and worrying. MND Australia “is the national peak body for MND in Australia. The MND Australia network comprises of six state Associations, representing all states and territories, and the MND Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA)…The MND Australia website provides information on MND and national and international activities. It also provides vital links to latest research and to the State MND Associations in Australia who provide support and services to people living with MND and their families.” [Source]


“Aspect provides information, education and other services through partnerships with people with autism spectrum disorders, their families and communities.”[Source]

Autism touches so many families. It touches mine.

Proudly Supporting in 2008


“Berry Street Victoria (BSV) has been protecting and caring for children and strengthening families since 1877. We never give up and are here for the ‘long haul’. We are an independent, not for profit community organisation that has played a unique role in the Victorian community.

Today’s organisation is built on the firm foundations of the past, meets the challenges of the present and will continue to change to meet future needs.” [Taken from their website]