What I'm Reading April 2016


Everywhere I Look is a collection of Helen Garner’s non-fiction from the last twenty-or-so years – although some pieces from the 90s have also been included. Even if you’ve read these before, it’s a treat to revisit them again, even more so when they’re all together. My bookcase is getting a nice area that’s purely devoted to Garner’s texts and I’m happy to slip this alongside them.

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham was the book everyone was reading on public transport about two years ago and I’m finally catching up. I’ve only seen the first episode of the TV show Girls, which Dunham created, so I feel like I wasn’t as in much of a hurry to get my hands on this because I, again, have a lot of catching up and learning to do. I’d read a few New Yorker articles of hers, that was about it. And now this. I enjoyed it a lot.

Last, I have the intriguingly titled We Ate the Road Like Vultures by Lynette Lounsbury. It’s got a real heartbeat, a narrative drive that takes you from the opening words. And it’s witty.

I hate to be a doomsdayer but I’m Australian and from birth we are told two things – ‘Punish anyone who is successful’ and, ‘You are going to die from skin cancer one day’…

If you want something that fits both a YA and adult bill, this one is a good pick.


What are you reading this month?

Karen Andrews

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