What I'm Loving

1. Public Libraries

We are lucky in Melbourne – where in other parts of the world pubic libraries are closing down, here they seem to be holding steady, if not doing better than ever. We were in Carlton at the new Kathleen Syme Library on Friday and I dusted off my Melbourne Library Services card and the kids borrowed some new books they haven’t seen at our particular library branch. If you stop to think about it, how marvellous is the system? Sign up, for free and you have access to new! books! We’re so lucky. The prospect of any place, and the people who inhabit those areas, as not having access to these kinds of facilities hurts me on a deep, deep level.

Of course, I will need to take extra care and monitor the return dates closely – I get enough overdue fines for one place! But someone said to me once they were happy to pay overdue fees, they consider that a nominal contribution, considering the general expense of books, magazines, internet etc. and I agree.

2. A Working Phone

As I said in an earlier post, I smashed my phone screen the other week. The replacement (non-Apple installed) screen isn’t nearly as sensitive/responsive as the original, so sometimes I have to swipe extra hard to get anything to move, but it’s still a relief to have it. I rely on it so much, as do many of us these days.

3. Having Hanging Rock Within Driving Distance

If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you’ll know that we went out to Hanging Rock in September 2009 as part of my first big partnered campaign (thanks again, Renault!) This was before the time of my Living List, although if it had existed, it would’ve been at the top. The kids didn’t remember going, so we thought we’d take a trip out there. It’s not far – in our minds we build it up to be more of a drive than it actually turns out being.

Look at the difference just a few years makes:

At 'The Eagle'
Hanging rock 2016
(Riley’s favourite colour is green, although you’d never guess as he always seems to be in orange.)

4. Willpower

I’ve signed up for the half-marathon for Run Melbourne. These have always been a kinda-big deal, but this time around feels extra daunting. In truth, I was going to just quietly register, train in secret and reveal the run on the day with a “ta-da!” flourish at the starting line. But two things stopped me.

  1. I wanted to fundraise – see link above.
  2. I’m going to need support this time. I feel tired – thanks, Fibromyalgia – and will need to follow a training and resting schedule to the letter. The past half-marathon strategies of ‘Run a 10km in advance and think that counts as a ‘long run” are over.

5. That Self-Esteem Boost of the Daylight Savings Clock Wind Back

I love that extra hour. I woke up this morning at my old-regular time, but now it’s earlier, my brain – for a second – thought, ‘Oh well done, you!’ Did I use that time to exercise or do anything productive? *cough* Let’s move on, shall we?!

Seriously, I will. Tomorrow.


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