I will have no child in single digits when the clock ticks over to 4.21pm this afternoon. Yes, it’s big 1-0 day. On top of that being a significant milestone in itself, Riley’s birthday also means that this blog’s big 10th isn’t far behind. They’re inextricably linked in my mind. If you’ve read my blog since the beginning (and after over 2,200 posts, well done!) or have read my book Crying in the Car you’ll know why this is the case.

This post is more of a photographic essay. Unlike his sister, Riley’s still happy enough for me to show his image on here. I daresay that will change. Even so, I’ve been pulling back – but on a significant occasion such as this, I’m sure you’ll all indulge me.

Happy birthday, buddy. x

(Previous adventures: his rather draining birth story, my apology (this post went quite wide), breaking his arm in Hong Kong… I’m sure there will be many more!)


Riley turns 10
This week

Pool ❤️

Keira and Riley

"I'm bringing bubbles into the world."

Riley with ball


sick boy

I don't want my photo taken!


Little dude

newborn riley

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