raspberry summer


I’m going to take the glowing and warm vibes of this photo into the weekend as the temperature needle is set to climb again. Enjoy that window of time before the house gets too stuffy and the sun too harsh. Until then, I’ve got a pile of work to get through, but not until I take this regular opportunity to acknowledge some of the great things that have passed my way since last Friday.

What am I celebrating this week?

  • We caught up with family in town for dinner and took a nice stroll afterwards in the soft evening light.
  • I made time to visit a local art gallery and spent a pleasant hour or so engaging with the featured works.
  • I had a second training session with my new personal trainer and the second session wasn’t nearly as bad as the first so, hopefully, my body continues on this upward swing!
  • A new poetic form, the anchored terset, is being piloted in the UK in honour of their National Libraries Day. If you like your poems only three words long, try it out! (I might!)
  • If you have feelings half as strong for Anne of Green Gables as I do, you’ll enjoy 15 Life Lessons Anne Of Green Gables Has Taught Us.


Short and sweet today! Take care x


Karen Andrews

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