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This week has been about one thing: work.

I’ve divided my time between finishing re-writes to the new book (yay!) and developing ideas for what’s to come on the blog in 2016. In some very exciting news, I’ll be partnering with a brand to make the above Living List goal happen! More on that as plans are made, I can’t wait.

Part of the reason for my productivity is that I’ve been here solo while the rest of the crew visit family in NSW. It was a difficult decision, and I’ve achieved a lot, but I’m missing them. Hard. I was going to wait until they were home to write this post – that would be a real celebration. They will be back soon, so right now I’m in a state of happy anticipation, which I think is also noteworthy!

What else am I celebrating this week?

  • Having unchallenged control of the television remote! I’ve charged through the first seasons of Orange is the New Black and The Fall on Netflix and have lined up about another four shows based on friends’ recommendations.
  • Only for this weekend, and only at certain stores, McDonalds will be selling their special Big Mac sauce in 500ml bottles for the first time. Now, but I’ve always loved Big Macs. I’m probably revealing the uncouthness of my taste buds in saying so, but it’s true and I’m not embarrassed.  I went to the Big Mac Special Sauce Store Locator and saw that I have a bit of a drive to get to the closest place that’ll sell it, so I don’t think I want it THAT bad, but if you want to check it out as well, maybe buy one for me?! (In my honour, I mean. Not literally. Unless you really want too!)
  • School starts in seven days!


I hope you’ve found something to celebrate this week x

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