This year-long Friday celebrations series is my way of documenting the good things that have passed my way during the week and being mindful of these, and more.

Friday Celebrations 3

I took this photo the other day at the kids’ school. I’m loving all the green that’s starting to appear around the place! It’s so cheery.

What am I celebrating this week?

  • The biggest celebration is sending off my finished novel manuscript! Writing it has been quite a process, stop-start over the past three years, and I admit some tears have been shed over time, but it’s all worth it.
  • Our NAPLAN (link points back to my thoughts about it last year) results were released and the kids did great.
  • I finished my workshop that I’m going to present at the Melbourne Writers Festival tomorrow.
  • I have begun development of two more book projects.
  • I’m closer to announcing the date I’ll be launching this:

my creative process sidebar

Make sure you get on the list to find out first.

  • The trailer for Victor Frankenstein was released this week. Now, let the record state that I adore James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe. But this… left me disappointed. The YouTube comments are rather lukewarm too. (The exception being for fans of the Penny Dreadful TV series. I can see their point.) So this celebration is more to do with the first 20 seconds of the clip itself and the adorable introduction.

What have you been celebrating this week?

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