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It’s a thrill to be able to show you today a talk I had recently with Valerie Khoo and her business book Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business. The longer I’ve been writing and blogging the more I’ve come to value the various ways that people can package and deliver their messages. Smart, clever, not necessarily expensive, and certainly always from the heart, I’ve been people blossom when they’ve been able to ‘put it all together’. Valerie’s book can help you do that.

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Topics discussed

  • We concentrate on two of the eight stories that Valerie covers in her book: Passion Stories and Leader Stories
  • Passion Stories – what are they and why they are important, tips on how you can uncover yours and how passion stories can connect you to a community or audience
  • Leader Stories – why you don’t need to be a CEO of a multinational corporation to have a leader story, they ask the question ‘what do I want to be known for?’. They also demonstrate self-acceptance and Karen shares a quick story example.
  • Valerie is reading King of the Hill by Nigel Bartlett


Power Stories is available through Booktopia – as I said in the video, it’s very useful and I recommend it. Thanks again, Valerie!

power stories

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