2014 Christmas Card Challenge

It’s that time again!

For those of you who are new to the blog, let me provide some context.

I have a tradition at this time of year that aligns with my belief in giving back to the community. This is what I call the ‘Christmas Card Challenge’. For each individual commenter who has left a comment since the previous Boxing Day, I will donate the amount of a postage stamp*, which is what I would’ve spent if I was sending them an actual card. I used to send Christmas cards, but don’t anymore (seasonal waste of paper really bothers me: cards, wrapping gifts etc).

Anyway, to continue: I then email these people on Christmas Eve, and along with saying hi and thanks I give the total amount of money the challenge raises. These funds used to go towards a charity I pick for each year, but now they are channelled into a specific ‘Living List’ goal: To provide money for a study scholarship.

If you’ve not commented on Miscellaneous Mum this year, please do so now. De-lurk and tell me – well, anything! What your favourite post was, what your plans are for 2015. Give us travelling tips for Europe when we go next year. It’s your choice!

Thank you. It will make a difference. And I’m all for that. xx


* Not forgetting that stamps have gone up in price this year!


Image source: Zacariah Judy

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