Towards the end of April we got a bowl of olives from the massive – and gorgeous – tree that borders our property and our neighbour’s. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already seen how they were prepared.

This was the week when they were supposed to ready to eat.

As the following video demonstrates, this was certainly not the case.

How to describe the taste? The texture? Scummy. Oily. It was like I was biting through a coating of slick nastiness before even getting to any nice ‘fleshy’ olive flavour. I followed a tutorial off Burke’s Backyard to do this, so naturally I’m going to shine the full light of blame onto HIM. Weeks wasted! Woe!

Anyone have any tips for me for next year? I’ve pulled up a chair, I’m sitting with my head in the palms of my hands, gazing at your noble brow, waiting for all wisdom to be imparted. Tell me. Please.

Karen Andrews

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