Last night was the farewell drinks for Lisa as she heads over to Bali for a few months to work and I thought what better occasion than to buy a martini.

I realise this isn’t a martini in the classic sense: I didn’t have to specify, a la James Bond, that I preferred vodka over gin. No, instead I opted for one of Rue Bebelon‘s famous espresso martinis – because what could be better than a sophisticated cocktail? One with additional caffeine, of course. There’s no contest.

I sat on that baby for a long time, even sharing it with Lisa, because one thing soon became apparent: this is a drink that requires commitment, to be enjoyed over good company and long conversations. Our group did end up talking about the shape of the echidna penis and what animals have multiple vaginas, but as many of us were holding these sexy glasses, you can be assured the discussion was full of dazzle and aplomb.

I was also up until 1.30am. I have a feeling these events are related…


karen andrews

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