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A Non-Exhaustive List of Non-Bookish Things I’ve Been Reading That Are In No Particular Order (but you will see a theme)

  • The Victorian Department of Health Twitter feed of a morning to find out the number of newly reported COVID cases.
  • Instructions on how to save tomato seeds.
  • APA 7th Referencing guides.
  • Advice on how to organically control whitefly. (Those pesky visitors!)
  • The nominations of both the Golden Globes and Oscar contenders for the year.
  • Advice on how to revive a Correa baeuerlenii, or chef’s-hat Correa in the garden.
  • Colour palate recommendations for painting the exterior of houses. (We just got ours done! We’re really pleased with ourselves! Only took 19 years!)
  • The Ironman 70.3 Melbourne website… with my hand hovering over the register button.
  • Undergraduate degree information (for K).
  • Postgraduate degree information (for me).
  • The answer to the googled question how long a trip is the Melbourne to Sydney train? (11+ hours, as it turns out.)
  • The names of cat-safe ferns.
  • The official transcript from my university – it’s official, I’ve finished!
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