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Public Libraries

I know, I realise this is slightly cheaty because I’m never quiet about my love of public libraries. But this inclusion is extra special in that my local library just recently announced that it is now completely fine free – meaning that overdue books will not attract a fine. This completes the shift which began about a year ago when late fees were removed from books for children and teenagers and has since “seen a 57 per cent increase in young adult items borrowed by members aged between 12 and 15.” That same article explains why more and more libraries are moving to this model, namely because it encourages rather than discourages borrowing and promotes inclusivity. Hooray!

Also – a reminder to folk that popular upcoming book releases are often on pre-order months ahead of time. So it’s worth checking to see if something you can’t afford to buy is on pre-order and then get in early to place a hold. For example, I just placed a hold on Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments, due in September. Sure, I’m number 25 on the list, but I’m sure there’s going to be a bundle available, so I doubt I’ll be waiting long.

(Incidentally, I’m curious if the lifting of overdue fines impacts hold waiting times at library services which also have lifted overdue fines. I’ll look into it.)

Finally, also, remember that here in Australia, with the existence of ELR/PLR, you’re helping an author whenever you borrow one of their titles. A bit more about that in the below video.

Slow Holidays

Unlike the last holidays, these school holidays were quiet and uneventful. We didn’t do a whole lot, mainly hung out around the house, and it was perfect. Keira discovered Glee on Netflix and we’ve torn through the series at a cracking pace. I only watched the first two seasons when it was on television before I became interested in watching other things. However, what I liked then I still like now – and that includes Cory Monteith, who’s sad early death imparts extra significance upon rewatching.

The following three videos are my three favourite performances. While the big competitive stage numbers, complete with dancing, are good, the magic moments were simple and vulnerable. Particularly Chris Colfer’s ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’. I sobbed when I first saw it. I still do.

Spotify Playlists

I’ve renamed my ’40 Top Songs at 40′ playlist because I needed more space! So this is me in a musical nutshell. But, honestly, after all the Glee we’re been watching I might need to take a look at it again because every so often they’ll cover a song and I think, ‘Oh yeah! I forgot about that. It’s a banger.’

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