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The Creative Life Podcast: Episode Twenty-Nine

Patreon is an ongoing crowdfunding platform. It helps fans and supporters support their creative favourites while offering those artists a stable and user-friendly platform on which to facilitate this model of earning money while engaging with a fan base. A lot of artists are doing very well on it and there are other people – such as myself – who might have gone through the initial setup stage and then go ‘okay, now what?’ If the patrons aren’t coming like you’d hoped, you might be asking yourself, ‘Have I done something wrong?’ ‘Do I need to make some messaging tweaks?’ ‘Am I not offering the right rewards?’ ‘Am I not promoting the fact that I’m here enough?’ and many other questions like that. I decided to ask other artists to give some advice and insight as to their experience and I think there is a terrific amount to be learned here!

This Episode’s Featured Guests:

Claire Connellyis on Patreon here.
Ginger Gorman  – is on Patreon here.
Eloise Grillsis on Patreon here.
Jemimah Halbert from Underground Writers – is on Patreon here.
Sharmini Kumar from 24 Carrot Productions – is on Patreon here.
Louise Omeris on Patreon here.

And I’m on Patreon here.

This episode wouldn’t have been possible without my guests and I’d like to offer my thanks to them all once again. I received some terrific insights and wisdom and know I still need to do a lot to maximise my presence/impact; it’s definitely not a ‘set and forget’ model, that’s for sure!

If you enjoyed the episode, please like and share it around. I suppose what I’d like non-artists to take away from it is that support, even if it is a tiny amount, really makes a difference. Not only in terms of monetary compensation but it’s also a confidence boost.

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