Melbourne Writers Festival 2017


The Melbourne Writers Festival is almost set to start and if you’ve seen the program you’ll know it’s a cracker. Gorgeous accompanying visuals too, as you can see above (very insta-friendly – clever, clever work). I’ve managed to whittle a shortlist of events – the blurbs are taken from the MWF website. The last two on the list are events that I’ll be appearing at on the final day of the festival – do come along, they’re both free! Hope to see you there.

Women of Substances
Saturday 26th August, 1pm
Drawing together neuroscientific research and memoir, journalist Jenny Valentish charts the world of substance use in her new book, Woman of Substances. Join her as she explores the gendered experience of drug and alcohol addiction. With Kate Holden.

Loneliness and Connectivity
Saturday 26th Aug, 2.30pm
In this technological age, we’re more connected than ever – but does that solve the great human condition of loneliness? Does more choice help or hinder us? Elizabeth Tan and Emily Witt discuss technology’s role in shaping our connections with each other.

Creative Women
Sunday 27th August, 10am
Across long careers, Kate Grenville, Judy Horacek and Leah Purcell have excelled in their fields of literature, political cartoons and playwriting. Meet these brilliant creative women and discover how they have pushed their creative boundaries to continue redefining career success over time.

Reality & Fantasy
Sunday 27th August, 11.30am
Claire G Coleman, Garth Nix, Sami Shah and Samantha Shannon all use and explore different aspects of the real world in their novels. They discuss how fantasy and dystopian fiction can reflect, interpret and examine our reality.

Towards Inclusivity
Saturday 2nd September, 10am
In an often racist world, how do we fight intense hatred both individually and as communities – and keep hope alive? Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Renni Eddo-Lodge and Sami Shah speak up and suggest ways to move towards inclusivity.

Readings REcommends: Dystopian Fiction
Saturday 2nd September, 1pm
Celebrate the very best in new Australian fiction with Readings. Discover speculative fiction writers Sally Abbott (Closing Down) and Jane Rawson (From the Wreck).

Pop Culture & Feminism
Saturday 2nd September, 4pm
How does pop culture help young women make sense of their place in the world? Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Hera Lindsay Bird, Brodie Lancaster and Patricia Lockwood talk representation, diversity and online support networks – and how TV, music and the internet are shaping the next generation of feminists.

Harry Potter Day
Sunday 3rd September from 10am
Accio good times! Whether you’re a Muggle, wizard or Squib, join us for a free all-ages celebration of 20 years of the boy who lived. With live performances, a Sorting Hat, story time and more, share in the magic of the wizarding world with Professor Frankie Falconette. Wear your Hogwarts robes for a chance to win prizes. Mischief managed!

Moleskine Coffee & Create
Sunday 3rd September, 9.30am
Start your day with a shot of caffeine and a dose of creativity! Join Madeleine Dore and special Festival guests as they reveal the tricks that help their creative lives flourish. Get the insight and inspiration you need to design your creative life – from journaling tips to sparking creativity.

Book Launch: Hot off the (Small) Press
Sunday 3rd September, 2.30pm
Celebrating independent publishing and the diverse titles that have come out of this year’s Small Press Network Mentorship Program, join us for the launch of new books from Affirm Press, the Lifted Brow, Lip Magazine, Miscellaneous Press, Three Kookaburras, Monash University Publishing, Celapene Press and Empowering Resources.



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