Club Med Bintan Island


Adam had his 40th birthday earlier this year. Despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, he was positive he didn’t want any fuss or party to document the occasion. What he did want – and I was more than happy to organise! – was a holiday to a warm place he could sit and relax and not worry about a thing. When I walked into our local travel agents with those specifications she immediately gave me an answer: Club Med Bintan Island. Even better – they were having a package deal sale at that time and I could get our flights through Qantas. Bonus!

If you’re familiar with my Living List, you’ll also know that this was a chance for me to tick off one of my items. Double bonus!

We’ve just returned and you can see some photos below. We had a wonderful time; part of me unfurls while I’m near the beach. I miss warm weather so much!

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