Very quickly, this is your last, very last, oh-so-last reminder that My Creative Process begins on Sunday. In honour of the big month that it’s been, don’t forget to use the extra special coupon SHAPES to get an even bigger saving. Read more and enroll here.

As always, I’ll be doing the course’s creative challenges – you’ll find them (and me) on Instagram/FB/Twitter on the hashtag #mycreativeprocessapr

Okay, here’s the news.

Except it’s not really ‘news’ – not yet. It’s a heads-up.

I have a lot of commitments I need to fulfill between now and July. These will be explained in greater detail soon (it’s exciting!), but for the moment I need to put the blog on temporary hiatus.

I will still post my monthly ‘What I’m Reading’ and other updates as they come to hand… but that will be close to it. My brain already is very, very full with other matters.

Be patient, stay tuned.

And wish me luck.

Thank you x


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