Some of my Living List goals are ambitious, others lofty, a few worthy.

Some are plain fun and decadent. Because what’s life without a little of both?

We ventured into the city a few Saturdays ago to visit the Naughty Boy cafe. High summer, hot. Perfect milkshake weather. But freakshakes aren’t your typical milkshake. If you haven’t heard of them, they rose to fame around two years ago. A pretty clever marketing invention (why order a doughnut with your milkshake when you can get one IN your milkshake?), cafe owners turn regular milkshakes into something extraordinary once they are adorned with any number of sweets, chocolates, pastries, according to theme – and ambition.

This is the freakshake Keira and I ordered: a salted caramel eclair.



Yes, that’s a mini eclair wedged under the mound of whipped cream. There’s another one hidden. You can also see chunks of honeycomb. The glass is smeared in Nutella to affix finer honeycomb shards to the side. The milk is streaked with caramel and there’s a big scoop of ice-cream in there too.

So what was it like?

Well, messy, for starters. Before the whole thing toppled over, I pulled the eclairs and the honeycomb off and put them on a side plate. The cream sort of… sank into the liquid. As the honeycomb chunks got damp from the moisture they became very tough and I hardly ate any because I was afraid I’d damage my teeth by biting into them! Even Keira gave up after a point.

It was tasty and very rich, but I just couldn’t get all the way through. Looking at the glass below, I reckon I got just past halfway.

Would I order another one? Sure – only to share, though!
empty freakshake


Have you ever ordered – and finished – a freakshake?

karen andrews

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