I sent around the links to this video on social media, but neglected to do so here. Here I am, a couple of weekends ago, getting ice ‘dunked’ as promised after the marathon.

(You might have to click through to see it.)

Except, technically, this isn’t the same link as the first one I circulated. I was really unhappy with the quality of the original video after I uploaded it on YouTube. I woke up at 4am last week (when Adam is away, my sleeping habits get all out of whack) and when I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to try and figure out why it was so poor. Turns out – and here’s a tip – that if you upload straight from your iPhone to YouTube then you won’t get the good quality HD version (even though that’s what they’re shot in). To get HD you either have to download the video to the computer and upload via that way, or I heard that running it through iMovie (free) and saving that to your phone and then uploading it works too. That’s what I did with this video and it’s better (although still not as great as I’d hoped).

Long story short: I get cold water thrown over me and I’m still sorting technology out.

Thank you and good day! Hope you enjoy the video – let’s call it schadenfreude-for-a-good-cause!

karen andrews

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