Monty Python Killer Rabbit Cupcakes Tutorial

No, you haven’t accidentally wandered over to a cake wreck website. It’s me, hello. Remember when I made Borg Cube Christmas Gingerbread? (If you don’t, you should see it. Now that was a wreck. OF FUN.) Anyway, I’ve had this idea rattling around my head for over a year to make Monty Python Killer Rabbit Cupcakes. Because EASTER. Rabbits… sweets. Get it? Of course you do, you smartie.

I’ve never pretended to be a cake decorating whizz, but I’m showing you what I did so you can do you better (“Those who can’t do, teach”).


These supplies were purchased from the supermarket. Sure, you can make the icing and dye it red yourself, but ain’t nobody got time for that.


Then we made cupcakes straight out of a packet mix, including the frosting.


 Then you cut a marshmallow in half, squish it between your fingers to give it as much length as possible and place on top of the frosted cupcake.




Next, cut apart from liqourice allsorts to get to the pink and white layers. (I’m sure there are probably other sweets you could use to get the same effect, but the liqourice sticks are good to use for the eyes.)

I didn’t photograph the next phase, because I am not a terrific food blogger, can you tell? What I did was pull a chunk of the red ready-to-roll icing and rolled it flat and cut out a semi-circle shape for the red mouth. Then I used the cut pink and white parts of the liqourice allsorts to make the nose, tongue and teeth. Then I dripped some red food colouring on to the teeth to make them extra bloody.

And there you have it!

karen andrews

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