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Please don’t try to turn the Star Trek movies into Deep Space 9 appeared over at io9. Lauren Davis begins:

One of the things that surprised many viewers of Star Trek Into Darkness is that the film portrayed a less than virtuous Starfleet, something some folks have likened to the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But Deep Space Nine‘s portrayal of Starfleet reflects that series’ role in the larger Star Trek universe and doesn’t belong in the movies—at least not yet.

Her point is that DS9 worked because it was an effective counterpoint to the other series’ where ethical backwardness or even deviancy was seen as something that had to be handled within the context of a movie or episode. The characters on DS9 were more faceted, realistic.

I suppose my question is: why isn’t the franchise ready? And if this move is deliberate, I’m interested to see where it’s going. Adam and I had a good conversation about it once he’d read the piece as well.

Neil Gaiman’s Advice to Aspiring Writers (includes video)

10 of the best short stories as chosen by Tessa Hadley in the Guardian
. Ashamed to admit I’ve not ready any of them.

On Brain Pickings, ‘What is Creatvity?

I recently took a punt on the BBC series ‘A Poet’s Guide to Britain’*. Written and presented by Owen Sheers, I was immediately taken and sat through the whole DVD in a greedy, glorious binge. Here’s an extract from what was possibly my favourite episode about Sylvia Plath’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ (which is saying something, as he also discussed my favourite poem, ‘Dover Beach’). If you like Plath, or the Brontes, you’ll enjoy.

*Could someone make an Australian version, please?

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