Christmas Gifts Ideas for the Exercise and Entertainment Lover (well, okay, me)

When asked what I want for Christmas I usually draw a big blank. I’m too busy worrying about getting gifts for other people sorted to even think about myself. Also, because December is my birthday and wedding anniversary, I’ve traditionally already been spoiled enough! However, this year, I thought I would draw up an ‘ultimate’…

MND Ice Bucket Challenge & the Melbourne Marathon

I sent around the links to this video on social media, but neglected to do so here. Here I am, a couple of weekends ago, getting ice ‘dunked’ as promised after the marathon. (You might have to click through to see it.) Except, technically, this isn’t the same link as the first one I circulated….

2. Contentment #nanowrimoprompt

Sunday is not for rushing. Minecraft totems, protectors against the night, are cast aside; the blinds are up, and comics are for reading. I crawl into his bed for cuddles – finding contentment in the dankness of morning breath and a wet kiss left on my cheek.     You’re doing #nanowrimoprompt, right?