10 Session Picks for the 2015 Melbourne Writers Festival

The program for the Melbourne Writers Festival was released late last week to much excitement and fanfare (including a site crash, I believe, due to traffic). After getting home from my travels to Sydney, I sat down to go through it thoroughly and was very impressed. So many excellent events and I really love the ever-increasing presence of … [Read More...]


Friday Celebrations #7

  I'm heading off to Sydney this afternoon to teach at the NSW Writers' Centre tomorrow. It's always nice to get back home (part of me will always call it that, no matter how long I live in Melbourne) and I hope to get down and spend some time harbour-side. I miss it. I can usually count on … [Read More...]

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Should I Enter Competitions if I’m not a “Serious Writer” Yet?

Should I Enter Competitions if I'm not a "Serious Writer" Yet? I received the above question the other day during an email exchange with a reader and I've reproduced it here - with permission - because I've heard it on a number of occasions over the years. I hope that by formulating some semblance … [Read More...]


A Family Travel Guide to Rome

Where did we stay? We stayed in the Monti district, on the Via Merulana. Honestly, I didn't know much about the place ahead of booking our Airbnb and chose it mostly because it was close to Termini - the major railway station, where we would be arriving from Venice and so I wanted to get there by … [Read More...]


Friday Celebrations #6

Oh, how I wish I was frolicking around in sun-drenched fields at the moment, as opposed to shivering through an Antarctic Vortex! Never mind, we push on regardless, don't we? All the more reason to celebrate the good things going on this week. I went to the optometrist a month or so ago after … [Read More...]

5 literary accounts

5 Literary Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Over the years, through my writing, or teaching/mentoring, or working at the Emerging Writers' Festival, I've gained a huge appreciation and respect for the literary organisations or initiatives that continue in their advocacy for writers. This isn't easy - nor, I suspect, has it ever been - but as … [Read More...]

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Family Travel Guide to Paris

Where did we stay? We stayed in the 4th arrondissement, which is smack in the centre of Paris. If you do a Google Map search, you'll see it's within walking distance to many of the big attractions and train stations. You can also catch a bus up the Boulevard de Sebastopol that will let you off at … [Read More...]

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Friday Celebrations #5

1. Beginning with this lovely blue sky of wispy clouds earlier in the week - lucky we made the most of this weather while we could because our part of the country is going to be blasted by ice, wind and snow over the coming week! 2. I taught an amazing class of blogging students - and the course … [Read More...]

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5 New ‘Living List’ Goals

Anyone who arrives home from holidays can be forgiven for wistfully looking over their photos of their time away and, having done so, head straight to the internet to check on their points status to see when they might be able to go away again. I think they can be forgiven because that's exactly … [Read More...]

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A Family Guide to Travelling in London

  Getting around The London Underground is a fabulous way of getting around the city. I know there's a specialness to hailing a black taxi, or hopping on a red double-decker bus, but I love trains. I did a lot of investigating before we left as to how you get around on the Underground these … [Read More...]

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Friday Celebrations #4

I'll start off this week's celebrations with the above picture. Readers might recognise this poem 'postcard' from my #miscpoetry project - if you click through to the link you'll see them all in a single post. Since then, they've been sitting in my drawer and I thought to myself, "What else can be … [Read More...]

july creative challenge

July Creative Challenge

In some ways, I'm picking the worst month to do a creative challenge. I'll be busy conducting workshops, putting together another for an event that (for the moment) has to be kept hush-hush, keeping kids entertained during school holidays and a few other things besides those. But I was thinking … [Read More...]


A Family Travel Guide to a UK Road Trip

By Australian road trip standards, England is easy, right? The country is only a few hours from top to bottom, isn't it? Ah, well. I'll stop you there. Yes, there is less territory to cross. But there are a few things it's best to first be aware of. Once you're sorted out, enjoy the wonderful sights … [Read More...]