Friday Celebrations

I was awakened by a tremendous clap of thunder in the early hours of this morning and eventually got up to find the suburb cloaked in cloud and sopping wet… including the clothes on the line. A big change to when I put them out late last night in the heat, thinking ‘They’ll be right”. Classic final words. It’s also the reason why I’ve chosen this rather moody shot – appropriate, eh?

It’s been a weird old week. Here I am, sitting here, and it’s been a blur. Except for dropping my phone yesterday afternoon. That’s crystal clear. I can visualise the event perfectly: juggling an armful of goods and stuff that mother’s seem to inevitably end up with, I was standing outside the local Baker’s Delight trying to get my phone back in my pocket after hanging up from a call. It slipped and fell face-down on the red brick path. It has a wrap around cover and that wasn’t enough; the glass had splintered from side to side. But it still works, so that’s a celebration.

Moving on, I’ve managed to tick off some things behind-the-scenes, which aren’t all that notable if you read them in a list as you’re about to do, but in fact are still little steps towards something bigger. So rather than feel blue, as I might’ve once upon a time, I’m fine. Totally cool.

What else am I celebrating this week?

birthday kids

Keira and Riley had a combined birthday party last weekend. I wrote about the experience for Essential Kids and I will just reiterate it was delightful. A big part of that were the kids themselves – they all got along so well, even with the minor age differences. Watching these relationships form and strengthen is a true delight in being a parent.

A happy flower outside school classroom today đź’• Another day of if nothing else, celebrate the little things.
And some sweet person drew a flower outside the school classroom the other day. That’s enough for me.
Have a lovely weekend.


P.S Just a note to add that My Creative Process registrations will be closing soon! 


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