Noted Festival 2016
How hard is it to find a non-terrifying screenshot of yourself while talking? Pretty bloody hard!


Hello! Well, the Noted Festival is ‘go’ and I’m pleased to be able to share with you the video I made about blogging. I hope it will provide some helpful tips, or that you can be entertained by my cat that regularly walks through a shot. She loves the attention.

A couple of other things:

  • For those of you who’ve asked, I will be teaching my blogging workshop for Writers Victoria during their winter school (July) and for the NSW Writers’ Centre later in the year (November). Check their websites a bit closer to the time for more details.
  • I’ll give just one final reminder for the 50% off offer for my Skype consultations until the end of the month. If you want some one-on-one time with me, that’s a way to do it! If you go to the shop, use the code MARCH2016



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