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I had the delight of talking to Lisa Heidke yesterday about her new book, It Started With a Kiss (purchase details at bottom), and here it is for you all to see. I have a resolution this morning to go buy a better webcam – the one I’m currently using is old (the one in my laptop doesn’t even work!) and is very temperamental.



Topics discussed

  • How to fit in writing around family commitments at different stages in children’s lives.
  • Writing process: word count targets, how to structure a novel, fleshing out and developing characters.
  • How Lisa’s early career in publishing and writing helps with her current writing.
  • The part research plays in writing and how to go about it.
  • How writing is fun, but can be hard.
  • The importance of reading the genre you want to write.
  • What we’re reading at the moment:  Lisa – The Most of Nora Ephron  by Nora Ephron and Karen – Contact by Carl Sagan


It Started with a Kiss is available at all major bookstores and online. Thanks Lisa!

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