This is Adam’s still very serviceable mountain bike. He rides into the city several times a week and upgraded to a hybrid a while ago. This is because once he stuck to the bike paths (which Melbourne is famous for, and one of the reasons I truly adore it), but now goes on the roads because it’s quicker. The hybrid is better for speed, but he also got it so it could take the occasional bit of rough terrain. He wants a pure road bike to help when he does his 24 hour charity rides.

We’ve debated whether to put it up on eBay. For how much, I’m not sure. And besides, I find eBay to be a bit of a pain when it comes to selling. Call me lazy, maybe.

So what can we do with it, other than have it collect dust in the garage?

Donate it to these worthy causes:

Bikes4Life  “are trying to raise as many bicycles as we can to send to the most isolated, vulnerable and war-ravaged districts in Northern Uganda (Gulu, Pader and Kitgum) who have been affected by a brutal 22 year long war and neglected by the outside world.” (Quoted from website)

Bicycles for Humanity are doing similar work: “Bicycles For Humanity is a world wide, grass roots, volunteer run organisation focused on simple, sustainable empowerment in the developing world.” Their primary focus these past years has been Namibia and now Zambia. They have chapters in Sydney and Perth, but also have drop off points in Canberra and the Southern Highlands.

Based in Byron Bay (and bike donations accepted at Bangalow), Australian Goodwill Bicycles “have collected, repaired and sent over 10,000 bikes to various developing countries including Ghana, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Kingdom of Tonga and Nauru.  We also provide support for remote Australian Indigenous communities.” (Quoted from website.)

The Bike Shed at CERES also accepts donations. It is an on-site volunteer group set up for those who wish to learn how to repair their own bikes.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of places that accept bike donations across the states.

So if you have an old bike, or you’ve ended up with one and you don’t know what to do with it, there’s some ideas. Think of all the help it could give.

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